The Right to Live, the Right to Die.

Physician Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Mercy Killing, Death with Dignity. Assisted Suicide is legal in solely 3 states, Washington, Montana, and Oregon. Euthanasia defined is, "the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy”. Forcing someone to live, if they are suffering, already dying, is the equivalent of forcing someone to die, murder. This is a matter of choice. The intent is not to force death, or life.

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This is cruelty.

This is cruelty.


I support euthanasia. I don’t see how it is morally fit to allow someone to suffer and be denied death. Ultimately, it leaves them pitiable and pathetic.

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I do support euthanasia. However, I usually don't promote blogs, but I'll make an exception. Do you have some sort of banner or something you would like me to use? 

anything involving a promotion is amazing. I am just trying to make a change.

The moment a person is born, he or she begins to die.
Right now, you are a day older than you were yesterday.
I hate when people say "It's selfish for you to want to commit suicide because there are people here who are going to miss you."
If anything, they are being selfish for forcing the person to live.
Whether you die of natural causes or end your own life, death is inevitable.
And I think it's important for people to remember that the next time they try to drag out a person's life as long as possible. 

People have the right to die and the right to live. It is not selfish to kill yourself. Not selfish at all. I assume the type of death you are referring to is suicide, not physician assisted suicide, or euthanasia. There are many reasons people kill themselves, but a very common reason is someone who is suffering from depression. Depression is a life of suffering. The same as the life of suffering terminally ill people feel. The main differences are this, Depression is a emotional/mental illness, because of this, a lot of people don’t take it seriously. It is a illness and needs to be taken as seriously as any other illness. The one other main difference is, depression is “curable”. It will go away. Even if it doesn’t seem like it. There is hope for survival, and recovery. In terminal medical disease, there is no hope. No alternative to deaths arrival. It is not selfish to take your own life, you have the right to die, in reality people spend their lives slowly dying. But when there is hope, hold on to it. Even when you have lost the will to live, you could always gain it back. In reality, no one should be able to prohibit you from dying. Thank you for asking. and looking at my blog. x

Hey there. You asked me to promote your blog and if you didn't see, I went ahead and did that. I'm curious about whoever runs this though. Is it the two girls in your icon. They both look young, and no offense, but this isn't really an issue young people think about. It's not really an issue most people think about. Anyway, I'm glad someone started a blog like this and was just a little curious about the motivations. 

Hi, well to explain my motivations, I’m 14 years old, I run this blog alone.  I have school project called Graduation by Demonstration (GBD), for this project we were instructed to select a issue we feel strongly about and through everything we are instructed to do, try to make a change. When first introduced to this concept I was interested in Gay rights, but I choose Assisted suicide instead, I had a basic concept of this, but I wasn’t sure what it was, I was working on trying to find a opinion on this topic. Through my research I developed  a very strong opinion, I was and am very much for this cause. I have written 2 essays on this subject, made this blog, and etc. I do not have this blog, just because its for my project. I truly believe that euthanasia, and physican assisted suicide needs to be legalized. I could have easily chosen to do my project against this issue, or choose another issue but I believe in this one. I am trying to get people aware of this situation, no one my age knows what euthanasia is, some educated adults don’t know what it is. I want to make a change. I really hope that this doesn’t make people think of me as any less serious. Thank you for the promotion, asking, and looking at my blog.


My personal blog is

Death With Dignity 


The Right To Die is a very real issue. It also happens to be an issue I care about. If you feel the same way then you should probably follow the Tumblr, Death With Dignity. Lots of interesting quotes, articles, and information. They seem to be good people.

"The day after she had the stroke Dr M said to Sartre, ‘As a doctor I must keep your mother alive as long as possible. But if I were her son I should want her to die.’ That meant that if she had survived she would remain paralysed, with her mind impaired. It was a fate that she had always dreaded more than death. My mother had been put to the risk of appalling suffering for a few days more of life. What is the basis of this savage code of ethics which insists upon reanimation at all cost? On the pretext of respecting human life doctors arrogate to themselves the right of inflicting any kind of torment and every kind of degradation upon human beings: it is what they call doing their duty. But why will they not agree to call the meaning of this word duty into question? An old lady wrote to me not long ago, ‘The doctors want to keep me live though I am sick and paralysed. But why, Madame, why? I do not say that all old people should be killed, but surely those who wish to die should be allowed to do so. There should be as much right to free death as to free love.’ And indeed, why? Why? I have asked a great many doctors and not one one of their answers has satisfied me." 

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“All Said & Done” p 110 - Simone De Beauvoir. (via lawnwake)

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On Thursday 28 April Don & Iris Flounders peacefully ended their lives together. Don had cancer, Iris did not want to live on without him. They had been married for over 60 years. Both were members of Exit International . In 2008, when Don was dignosed with cancer, the couple travelled to Mexico to buy the euthanasia drug Nembutal. They returned to Australia bringing the drug with them. Their actions led to police involvement and their house was searched but the drugs were not found.This video ‘last message’ was recorded in Warragul, Victoria on 19Apr11.
Details on Mexican Nembutal in The Peaceful Pill Handbook at
An account of their trip to Mexico can be seen at

Switzerland: Voters reject a proposed ban on assisted suicide  

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91 Year Old Woman Sells Suicide Kits 


Anyone who knows me knows that the right to die issue is something that I have very strong feelings about. I find this woman to be doing a great service. What’s interesting though, is that towards the end of the article it briefly becomes about an old persons right to die vs a young persons right to die. That really seems to be where people get pissed about the issue.